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Android Rick and Morty API Playground

Discover how I implemented a native data acquisition system on android.

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Content automationGenerative AIfathooo

Post Automation through GPT Chat APIs

In this project, I develop an innovative solution to automate posts on social networks (twitter or "X"). Using dynamic templates with random variation of content, the system interacts with the GPT chat API, thus creating attractive and unique posts that are scheduled to be published at certain times of the day.

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Industrial automationData analysisMonitoringfathooo

PLC Data Capture and Visualization System

Discover our software system that captures and displays real-time data from PLCs, recording information such as flow rate, carbon dioxide, and methane.

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TechnologyData analyticsData compressionfathooo

Exploratory data analysis of COVID-19 - Interactive notebook and report

Explore COVID-19 data through an exploratory data analysis (EDA) and access an interactive report for better understanding.

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TechnologyRasparBack endfathooo

News scraping - La Discusión newspaper

Learn about the process of news extraction carried out through scraping in the Diario La Discusión. Find out how the dataframes with the links and content of the news were generated.

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temperature controlsensorsmonitoringfathooo

Temperature control with ESP8266 NODEMCU - Temperature regulation project

Learn how to control the temperature of a closed place using ESP8266 NODEMCU. This project allows you to regulate the temperature based on a preset range, using sensors and a relay module. Visualize the temperature and humidity in real time, and perform data analysis to monitor and optimize the system.